Police Slow Their Roll On Pot Possession

Cops Vow To Come After You Later With New Technology

Local published reports sent the people into a frenzy suggesting Columbus Police will no longer arrest people for misdemeanor marijuana possession. Columbus Police tell First News, not quite.

“Ah that’s kinda true but kinda not true. What has happened is in May we came up with this Farmer’s Hemp Act and now in order for Mariuana to be illegal it has to have a certain amount of TCH in it so we have to test for it now, ” Assistant Chief Gil Slouchick told First News.

Right now the Columbus Police Department doesn’t have the current technology to administer a test for THC on the scene but Chief Slouchick says they’ll come back for you later. “We’re presently in the process of getting the equipment in to test it for the THC level and once we test it for the THC level then a warrant can be issued for your arrest and we can go back out and pick you up or call you can say come turn yourself in and so you know there’s a rumor going around the City that Misdemeanor Marijuana is now legal in the State of Georgia . That is not true, it is not,” Slouchick said.

The Police Department also took exception to any notion they focus on petty pot smokers instead of more serious incidents and the current murder rate.  Slouchick invites citizens to check the Department’s clearance rate for homicide and burglary. He says they are doing an impressive job with the number of Officer’s they currently have on the street.

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