Ibraheem Yazeed: Police Have No Video, Audio Of Teen’s Murder

Prime Suspect For Aniah Blanchard's Kidnapping Appears For Capital Murder

Ibraheem Yazeed appeared in a Lee County courtroom Wednesday for fresh new Capital Murder charges.

In a quiet courtroom with just two observers in the gallery and a handful of reporters, the prime suspect for the kidnapping and killing of Aniah Blanchard appeared on two new warrants for Capital Murder. One warrant for the death occurring during a kidnapping another for shooting the 19 year old Southern Union student inside her own vehicle.

Yazeed was ready to talk telling Judge Russell Bush the new warrants suggest the police were switching up the narrative now and they had no real proof he carried out the killing.

“Ya’ll have no video, no audio of me shooting anyone. That’s what I’m trying to see how ya’ll gonna bind me over on hearsay but ya’ll ain’t present no evidence then now this a whole different statement,” Yazeed told Judge Bush.

The Judge told a defiant Yazeed he could save it for his court appointed attorneys ruling there was probable cause and no bail for Capital Murder.

Then the Court turned it’s attention to a challenge by the media to the current gag order.

An attorney representing multiple media outlets told the judge his gag order was unconstitutional , too broad and trampled on the rights of the press.  But lawyers who support the order for key players not to engage the press and the judge weighed in saying the media has never been denied access or information about the high profile case.

The attorney for the Auburn Police Division said the media released sensitive information about the kidnapping before police had a chance to personally inform Aniah’s family and at least one reporter was harassing the wives of police detectives for information about the case. The defense attorney for Antwain Fisher piped up the facts of the case were getting lost in the media’s race for content and that if media is going to cover the proceedings they should get the facts of the case correct.

Judge Russell Bush will take the arguments under advisement and rule on the gag order in the coming days.


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