Brandon Tucker, “Local Pull-Up Champ,” Interview

Tyler Redmond speaks with Brandon Tucker and Mary Kubik, about their Veteran non-profits and find out how you can help!

Back in October, Brandon Tucker broke the Guinness World Record for Pull-Ups in a 24-hour period.

If you’re wondering how many he did, 7,715. Needless to say, it was quite the accomplishment. But, it was not the only goal.

Instead Tucker made his focus these Nonprofits, all supporting V


  • 6 Veteran Nonprofits
  • Higher Ground
  • Achilles International
  • Warrior Fortitude
  • Darby Warrior Support
  • Warrior Outreach, Inc.

So far, $5000 has been raised. There is still plenty to go, $2200 to be exact.

To donate, check out his GoFundMe:

To see the original article of Brandon breaking the record, check out this article below: