Exclusive Video Shows Circle K Killer

Circle K Suspect Jailed In Russell County For Possession of AR-15

Daequavian Solomon is being detained in Russell County exactly where he belongs according to court documents which reveal the alleged Circle K Killer has a penchant for Armed Robbery and was on probation when he was picked up for possession of an AR 15 in Phenix City October 9th.

Homicide Detectives with the Columbus Police Department immediately zeroed in on Daequavian Solomon as their prime suspect for the ruthless killing of Dontrell Williams. The Army veteran was working the overnight shift just trying to pay rent according to his roommate. Williams was executed after meeting all of the robber’s demands.

Surveillance video obtained exclusively by First News shows the Circle K killer coming from the area near the Ballard Apartments where Solomon lived just a block away from the crime scene at the time of the murder sporting his own construction work gear heading to the convenience store.  Minutes later, the killer is caught in that bright vest fleeing the scene.

Cornered by investigators, Solomon reportedly told police to prove it was him which they did with forensic testing and DNA evidence.

According to court documents, the suspect was already on probation for a 2012 armed robbery in Phenix City where he stole multiple items and a vehicle at gunpoint.  Solomon was denied youthful offender status and served five years of a split sentence, the remaining 20 years on supervised probation.

He was implicated in Columbus as the trigger man who killed popular jeweler Steve Toms by another defendant on trial for that murder which occurred just before the 2012 robbery in Phenix City. At the time, Police said they had no evidence to prove Daequavian Solomon was involved in the Gold and Silver Trading incident but he was picked up in May of 2017 according to Muscogee County Jail records for Aggravated Assault and Receiving Stolen Property the moment he was free on probation in Russell County.

A bond revocation hearing for the 2012 robbery is scheduled in Russell County early next year. Solomon could potentially serve the remainder of his prison sentence there or Law Enforcement officials could choose to hand him over to Columbus for the murder of Dontrell Williams.


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