Handicapped Have Complaints About a Columbus Park

Cooper Creek Park's Handicapped walkway closed about two years.

An elderly couple has a complaint about a Columbus park and they want the city to do something about it.

The husband and wife are trying to recover from some serious health concerns.

They live near Cooper Creek Park located right off Milgen road.

The trails are a popular place for people to walk and run.

However for the handicapped, the experience has been not so nice for quite a long time.

Steven and Deborah Tucker are having a very tough time.

She’s suffering the ill affects of arthritis and he has some huge issues with his heart

The scenic safe confines of Cooper Creek Park were supposed to serve as their main route to rehab where the simple act of walking would help nurse them back to health.

But according to the elderly Columbus couple the handicapped trail has been closed almost two years now.

Other park walkers tell me they have seen trees down on the trail a year or more.

Unfortunately answers from the city will have to wait until the people at parks and recreation get back to work.

If someone from the city would like to talk to WLTZ’s Don Hammond about this issue please give him a call at 937-301-1953.

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