Body Of Aniah Blanchard Recovered

Three Suspects Now Detained In Connection to Kidnapping of Student


The body of Aniah Blanchard has been recovered in Macon County, Alabama.

Evidence made public earlier in the investigation of Aniah Blanchard’s disappearance, including the discovery of a life threatening amount of blood in her abandoned vehicle suggested there wasn’t going to be a good outcome in this case but her mom and extended family held out hope as every family would until the bitter end which came with an announcement out of Macon County

Multiple investigative agencies descended in a wooded area near the Shorter exit on County Road 2 Monday morning where the Southern Union student’s family was also on scene.  The Lee County District Attorney and other law enforcement sources declined to say what led to the  discovery of the skeletal remains but it comes just a few days after a second suspect, Antwain Fisher was arrested and charged with Aniah Blanchard’s kidnapping and hours after Fishers’ first court appearance.

According to court testimony Fisher provided transportation to the prime suspect Ibraheem Yazeed and disposed of evidence. Police say it was Yazeed, a violent offender with 26 previous arrests who brazenly snatched Aniah Blanchard from a Chevron gas station in Auburn just over a month ago.

Yazeed and Fisher are being detained in the Lee County Jail without bond .  Because of the gag order in place the District attorney could not confirm additional charges but Captial Murder appears now to be a matter of when Not if.

Aniah’s mother shared a home video of the two as word spread of the discovery and condolences poured in from around the country.

A third suspect, David Johnson, the man identified as the person who gave Ibraheem Yazeed a ride to Florida was also arrested in connection to the case for hindering prosecution. Johnson was processed in the Montgomery County Jail and has a $7500 bond.


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