Meet Our Pet of the Week: Pebbles!

She also needs help with surgery on her back legs

Legs for Pebbles !

Sweet Pebbles was hit by a car that broke her back legs.

And she needs our help getting surgery!

So far the shelter has raised $ 2,035 for her.

However, it’s not enough to get the $ 5,000 surgery to fix her growth plate and pin her legs.

Her care and consultation with the surgeon is currently more than a $1,000 already.

Please, help them give the gift of her legs to her!

She is just a 4 month old puppy.

The surgeon is ready to perform this miracle for her, however payment is due on the day of surgery. Without it, her prognosis is grave, no pup can live with only 2 usable legs. Please help Pebbles.

Any donation to them is tax deductible, and so appreciated by all, especially Pebbles.

Courtesy: Animal Ark Rescue

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