Prosecutor Suggests Ibraheem Yazeed “Handles” Witnesses

Aniah Blanchard Kidnapping Suspect Appears For Preliminary Hearing

A Lee County Prosecutor told a Judge there is a reason Ibraheem Yazeed has been able to beat the rap on multiple previous violent charges.  Brandon Hughes’ revelations came during Yazeed’s preliminary hearing Wednesday.

An attorney for Yazeed requested the preliminary hearing immediately hoping to get bond so the prime suspect for Aniah Blanchard’s disappearance could go back to Montgomery where he was already out on bond for similar charges but Judge Russell Bush wasn’t having it. According to court testimony , store surveillance not made public shows Yazeed spotted Blanchard while he was paying at the register and watched her over his shoulder before exiting.

Another man came in and left the Chevron store at the same time and watched the suspect force the young woman into her own vehicle.  The witness broke down later admitting he didn’t immediately call for help because his girlfriend told him to mind his own business . “He started breaking down and crying. I think he was remorseful that he hadn’t come forward sooner. He had recently lost a child in October due to a miscarriage that was a girl so he was definitely remorseful about not coming forward sooner,” Police Detective Josh Mixon testified.

The District Attorney, Brandon Hughes also told the court Ibraheem Yazeed’s mom has a pattern of calling county jails to report her son is being threatened but the alleged Lee County threat was not substantiated.

During his petition for bond,  Yazeed’s defense attorney told the Judge he doesn’t have a single conviction for previous violent charges , despite 26 prior arrests. “Clearly somebody has been presenting evidence that’s not been making it into court. This has been a pattern . I don’t know if that’s somebody who has something against Mr. Yazeed. I don’t know if that is somebody who just enjoys sending him to jail over and over again,” his attorney said.

But the Prosecutor shot back suggesting the reason there are no convictions is because Yazeed has a way of dealing with witnesses. “Yeah, Ibraheem Yazeed keeps getting into trouble, getting arrested on violent felonies and for some reason keeps getting away with it, keeps getting not indicted. Maybe it’s because Mr. Yazeed’s associates handle his witnesses,” Hughes said.

An Auburn Police Detective also revealed another person’s DNA was found inside Aniah Blanchard’s Honda and the judge ordered a sample over his attorney’s objection. The defense also took exception to the parents of Aniah Blanchard appearing on national television despite a gag order. Brandon Hughes told the Judge they are grieving parents just trying to find their missing girl.

Judge Bush denied the motion for bond and the case will now be presented to a Lee County Grand Jury.

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