Youtuber Discovers Warhead in the Chattahoochee

Tyler Blackmon is a local Youtuber who scuba dives into bodies of water around the area searching for peculiar items.

He has found a grenade, warhead, cellphones, messages in a bottle and anything else that gets tossed into the water.

Tyler does not know the origin of all the items discovers.

He visited the Civil War Naval Museum to discuss the recently discovered warhead.

They told him the warhead was from the early 1900’s and the warhead had not yet been detonated.

Blackmon explains the Whitewater rafters are the most common people to lose items on the Chattahoochee River. He ventures to where the rapids are most fierce and dives there to see what he can find.

If the item is valuable or has contact information provided, then Blackmon attempts to locate the owner and return their items to them.  He has had some success with this.

The most notable would be his discovery of an iphone X. He found it in the Chattahoochee River in a sealed waterproof case. He was worried it would not charge but to his surprise it did.

He called a number and discovered the owner was not too far away and arranged a meeting for the return.

Blackmon says its moments like this, that gives him a purpose for doing it. The joy of bringing happiness to someone else makes the dives worthwhile for Blackmon.

His goal is to use his channel to share positive content, have fun and help return lost items back to their original owners.

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