Missing Teen’s Dad “Livid” Over Sudden Appearance of Witness

Ibraheem Yazeed Held Without Bond For Kidnapping Aniah Blanchard

A Lee County Judge imposed a gag order over the long weekend but that didn’t stop Aniah Blanchard’s parents from sounding off on recent developments in the case of the missing Southern Union student who vanished 20 days ago.

Aniah Blanchard’s father Elijah Blanchard told Birmingham television station WBRC it was pretty outrageous to think somebody witnessed her abduction and didn’t think to make a single phone call.

“Somebody who saw that knows okay this didn’t even look right. It couldn’t look right for him trying to get her into the vehicle and for someone out there who could’ve actually made a phone call, could have got Auburn police on the case a lot earlier. I was livid because I didn’t understand you know how could somebody just sit back and then all of the sudden oh, you know we have a witness that actually witnessed her getting forced into a car. It’s 20 days now. It makes me wonder okay does money really make people tell you know, report a crime? Do you have to pay somebody to save somebody’s life?” Blanchard asked.

Her dad also said he wanted to “clear the smoke”, that none of Aniah’s parents thought for a nano second their daughter was on some late night date. The young woman was very likely the victim of a crime of opportunity allegedly snatched up by violent predator Ibraheem Yazeed who cried like a baby after his capture in Florida. He is currently being detained in the Lee County Jail without bond. Police don’ t believe he acted alone.

“He has damaged the way I look at people now because sometimes you just see somebody out and you think oh they’re just innocent. No, you have to look at everybody as if they’re gonna do something to cause harm to you or your children,” Elijah Blanchard said about the suspect being held for his daughter’s kidnapping.


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