Juul To Stop Sales Of Mint-Flavored Pods


(CNN) – The CEO of e-cigarette company Juul said Thursday the company will immediately halt online sales of Mint “Juul pods” and stop accepting orders from retailers for them.

Last month the company moved to stop selling flavors other than tobacco, mint and menthol.

With mint off the list, Juul will now sell only Virginia tobacco, classic tobacco and menthol flavors in the U.S.

It comes after research published this week showed mint flavor was attractive to young people who vape.

Juul’s announcement was met with skepticism from the group “campaign for tobacco-free kids.”

The group’s president said in a statement that the decision “follows the tobacco industry play-book of making changes only when it has absolutely no choice…”

It comes as the FDA is expected to publish a rule that would remove some flavored nicotine vaping products from the u-s market.

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