Stepdad On Suspect’s Criminal History: This Can’t Happen To Others

Social Media Identifies Ibraheem Yazeed In One Hour After Image Released

It took the Internet about one hour to identify a person of interest for the disappearance of Aniah Blanchard after police released a store surveillance image. Ibraheem Yazeed, currently free on a $295,000 bond for similar charges is now the prime suspect in the case.

Auburn Police now say Montgomery native Ibraheem Yazeed, captured on store surveillance video took Aniah Blanchard against her will that very same night and that Blanchard did not know the suspect. Yazeed is well known to law enforcement with a lengthy rap sheet ranging from drug charges to attempted murder.  The 30 year old suspect allegedly tried to run down two Montgomery Officers in 2012 and most recently according to that County’s jail records, Yazeed was free on a $295,000 bond for attempted murder and kidnapping of two other victims as recently as February of this year,

In an exclusive interview with NBC News Aniah’s stepfather addressed the suspect’s previous criminal allegations “I don’t know if now is the time to try to dive into it but yeah, we will be diving into it to get some straightening and understanding cause this can’t happen to other people. This just can’t be that easy,” Walt Harris said.

As the massive manhunt continues for Yazeed and the search for the missing teen stretches into it’s third week, Aniah Blanchard’s mother said they are relying on their faith and with an incredible show of compassion addressed the suspect directly. “Even though this man has done some evil things and possibly evil things to our daughter, you know God can change everybody’s heart and if he sees this and we don’t know if it’s him. Whoever it is that’s done harm to our child, it can be okay. You can stop now. You can change this. You can let her go. God will forgive you. We could forgive you,” Angela Harris said.

Ibraheem Yazeed has an active warrant for felony kidnapping and Police said additional charges are likely.


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