City Denies Responsibility For Fatal Crash

City Driver Charged With Homicide For Death of Jimmy Gibson

The family of a popular local businessman killed by a city truck driver is preparing for a legal battle with the city at the taxpayers expense.

The City truck driver, Lewis Triester was charged with multiple criminal offenses after the crash including Homicide by Vehicle and Failure to Yield. The family of Jimmy Gibson cites those charges in a Civil Lawsuit as proof the City is financially responsible for Gibson’s death as well.

 Jimmy Gibson was traveling to Columbus on a scenic stretch of river road the morning of January 31st when his Mercedes slammed into the city boon truck used for yard waste.  Gibson died from blunt force trauma shortly after he was taken from the scene.

A lengthy investigation including a crash reconstruction by Columbus Police revealed the city truck driver was at fault in the deadly collision. The family of Gibson wasn’t seeking a multi million dollar pay day from the City only the maximum allowed of  $500,000 dollars.

But recent court filings show the city fired back a response essentially saying not their problem, repeatedly claiming  Jimmy Gibson was responsible for his own demise despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Rather than settle the City is using an outside firm at the taxpayers expense to fight the family and the inevitable.   Attorney Todd Handelman of Ross, Burriss and Handelman declined to comment on the specifics of the lawsuit telling First News it wasn’t “appropriate to litigate the case in the news media”.

The Civil Lawsuit filed on behalf of the Estate of Jimmy Gibson seeks compensation for his death, pain and fright at the time of impact and funeral expenses.

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