Case of Missing Teen Resonates With Community

Six Figure Payout To Bring Aniah Blanchard Home

The case of missing Auburn teen Aniah blanchard has prompted all kinds of theories from social media to psychics weighing in on who might be responsible. What we don’t have are many facts a week now after her disappearance.

 Seven days after the disappearance of the 19 year old social media groups devoted solely to her disappearance have popped up as well as psychic readings about what happened to the teen. Auburn Police Chief Paul Register says the case involving a college student resonates with people for many reasons.

“You know people can see themselves in this situation and they can sympathize  with the family . auburn’s a very close community. We just don’t see things happen like this and so it is striking a chord with everybody,” Chief Register said.

Everybody wants answers but nobody more than Aniah’s parents who have spent the week pleading for somebody to come forward on national television. “As a mother and father we just we really want to know any information so we can continue to try and get closer and closer to finding our daughter. That’s just the main thing,” Aniah’s stepdad Walt Harris said.   Chief Register said police are keenly aware the family needs answers “and then there’s just wanting to give them the answers as to what has happened with her and where she is and just you know bringing that family some information so they can deal with it.”

Auburn Police have stopped short of labeling the investigation but acknowledge the teen met a horrible fate based off forensic evidence found inside her heavily damaged vehicle.”We do have what we believe to be evidence that she was harmed at some point while in that vehicle,” the Chief said.

In a matter of hours the reward for information leading to the missing teen’s whereabouts ballooned by six figures, investigators hoping the cold hard cash will be enough to prompt someone to come forward with those missing clues. The reward with the help of Alabama Crime Stoppers, Governor Kay Ivey and UFC members is now $105,000 for information that leads to Aniah Blanchard.



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