Paws Humane Society Calendar & Cat Special

A lot going on at Paws Humane Society!

First, they have an influx of cats and kittens so until Saturday, Nov. 2, all of their kittens and cats are only $13.

Plus,they have a pet calendar contest!

It’s the Shelter’s first photo contest to raise funds for Paws Humane Society!

Click on the link below, register and submit the cutest, most adorable picture of your pet, then get all of your family and friends to vote for your pet’s picture. Entry is $15 and each vote costs $1, with a minimum of $5.

100% of the proceeds will be used to save shelter animals at Paws Humane Society!

The TOP 6 DOGS & THE TOP 6 CATS WITH THE MOST VOTES will be included in their 2020 CALENDAR!

Enter today, vote for your favorites, and share the contest link with your friends and family! ❤️????

**Your pet could be the next star in our 2020 full-color pet calendar**

For more information on ET and the cat special visit:

Courtesy: Paws Humane Society

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