Pay Raise For Marshal’s Employees In Consolidation Plan

Legislators To Vote On Combining Sheriff and Marshal's Office In January

Deputy Marshals will get a pay raise according to a presentation on consolidation during a City Council work session this morning.  Local Legislators are weighing the option to combine the Marshal’s office with the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Department.

The City Manager and many Councilors called it a win win for taxpayers and employees of the Marshal’s Office. Isaiah Hugley told Councilors there is zero downside to consolidating the Marshal’s Office with the Sheriff’s Department during a question answer briefing. Nobody would lose their job and sworn Deputies get better pay. “The Sheriff has done what we refer to as pay reform and so all of the sworn officers in the Marshal’s office , Marshal Deputies would automatically move over to the Sheriff’s Office and receive that pay reform which means a pay increase for every sworn officer in the Marshal’s Office,” Hugley told First News.

“I think it’s a good thing. I hear people out in the community all the time asking why haven’t you done that yet?” Councilor Glenn Davis said.

The Public Safety Advisory Commission requested the consolidation be put on the legislative agenda , City Council approved and Mayor Skip Henderson said the timing is just right. “We would never object to the citizens having a vote on it. The only challenge we have is right now there is no incumbent because the current Marshal has stated he’s running for Sheriff. But if it had to go on a ballot the likelihood that people would have to qualify , they would probably raise funds, spend money , spend time and energy and then it would be on the ballot to do away with the job. So from our perspective it’s really critical that the legislature go ahead and make this happen through local legislation,” Mayor Henderson said.

But that ‘s not deterring Alicia Davenport who told First News she’s already filed a declaration of intent to run and say’s it’s full steam ahead with the campaign despite the probability the Marshal’ s office will be eliminated.

Ultimately it will be up to the local delegation to vote on consolidation in January and they will move it through the Legislature as a formality.


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