Auburn Police Release Last Known Image Of Missing Teen

Home Video Shows Aniah Blanchard Comes From Tight Knit Family

Auburn Police have released what could be the last known image taken of a missing 19 year old student.

Aniah Blanchard stopped briefly in a South College Street convenience store late last Wednesday night to make a purchase. Her image was captured by the store’s surveillance camera.

The Southern Union student hasn’t been seen since.

Nearly 48 hours later a citizen’s tip led police to Blanchard’s abandoned vehicle in a Montgomery apartment complex. Her vehicle had sustained heavy damage since she was last seen. Initial reports indicated the 19 year old met someone new that night but those details have not been confirmed by police.

A plea for Blanchard’s safe return made National news almost immediately after it was revealed she is the step daughter of UFC fighter Walt Harris. Her parents keeping close friends and family apprised of the search on social media releasing personal home video offering a glimpse inside the close knit family. Blanchard appears carefree singing and dancing to music with her step dad and siblings.

The surveillance video from the convenience store is one of few details police have revealed about the case keeping a tight lid on the investigation.  Volunteers including a Veteran’s group have joined multiple law enforcement agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI searching Auburn and beyond for any sign of the missing teen.

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