ABSee Program Helping Bring Free Eye Exams & Glasses to Children In Need

Eighty percent of what a child learns is through their eyes, yet one-in-four in the U.S. have undetected vision problems.

Because children don’t always know what “normal” vision looks like, they’re unlikely to complain of vision problems.

ABSee, a new program powered by Pearle Vision and the global vision care non-profit OneSight, is helping school age children nationwide see clearly.

ABSee is a new program that will ensure that every child, especially those with financial need, has the access to eye care and corrective eyewear they need to unlock their true potential.

Corrected vision has been proven to help students become twice as successful in school. As part of ABSee, the program will be visiting schools across North America with the vision van to provide eye care and glasses at no cost to those children in need. In addition, each of the more than 500 Pearle Vision EyeCare Centers across North America will be engaging patients to help increase both the number of clinics and children being helped at those clinics, and further, support ABSee by engaging with the local community and schools to set up additional volunteer events and fundraisers.

Many states and school districts across the country require vision screenings, however a screening doesn’t replace the need for a comprehensive eye exam, which doctors recommend annually as early as five years old. 10 million kids suffer from vision problems even after having a school screening. Common eye problems like farsightedness and eye coordination can be missed in a basic school vision screening.

For more information visit: www.onesight.org.


Courtesy: ABSee Program



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