Suspect Wanted After Three Dozen Break Ins

Justin Wayne Hall Wanted For Incidents In Lakebottom, Regency Park

A suspect wanted in connection to a rash of car break ins is still on the loose according to jail records Saturday.  Nearly three dozen incidents were reported to police at the end of September and first week of October.

Fernando Lindo was arrested but his accomplice Justin Wayne Hall is still wanted.

A Police Sergeant told First News they were able to zero in on the dynamic duo using surveillance video that shows the pair in a stolen vehicle using one of the victim’s credit cards at a local Walmart store. Fernando Lindo appeared for multiple charges in Recorder’s Court Thursday.

According to court testimony Lindo and his co conspirator Hall allegedly made off with thousands in stolen goods including cell phones, Ipads, headsets and video games.  Police cleared 30 cases associated with the pair and they think there could be more that were unreported.

The crime spree started in Lakebottom  and ended in Regency Park not far from where the two suspects reside in East Columbus. The lead investigator tells WLTZ  Justin Wayne Hall didn’t waste anytime wiping his social media accounts clean after it was announced he was wanted by police

Court documents show he was taken into custody last year at this time for reckless conduct and possession of a concealed weapon without a license and has multiple prior felony arrests. Fernando Lindo will remain in the Muscogee County Jail without bond pending his next court appearance.



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