Double Murder Witnesses Lead Police To Suspect

Earl Johnson Told Police He Rendered Aid After Triple Shooting

Witnesses to a double murder inside a Mellon Street apartment led police to suspect Earl Johnson and now they fear for their own safety according to court testimony Friday. Two months after the deadly triple shooting Johnson appeared in Recorder’s Court charged with the murders of Layatray Buchanan and Lamonte Muff of Albany Georgia.

According to court testimony, Earl Johnson told police he was on the scene of the triple shooting August 25th to render aid to one of the victims who was shot but survived. Buchanan and Muff were dead on the scene inside the apartment. A third person who was shot Joshua Brown survived and was discovered a short distance away. The three victims were allegedly looking for a place to make a drug transaction.

A police detective told the Judge almost immediately there phones lit up with tips from witnesses who said Earl Johnson unloaded an assault rifle inside the apartment and then he went door to door in the complex threatening people who were present not to say anything.

Those witnesses came forward anyway and picked Johnson out of a photo line up.

Under cross examination though the detective said there were at least four different caliber of shell casings located on the death scene and did not disclose which one resulted in the death of the victims. After a testy exchange with the detective, Johnson’s public defender noted eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable and he said with multiple shell casings located on the murder scene police could hone in on just about anybody in Columbus with a weapon.

Judge Julius Hunter ruled there was probable cause and the case will be bound over to Superior Court. Johnson was not eligible for bond on the two murder charges. More arrests are possible.



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