Man Shot In Deadly Police Chase Involved In Standoff

Hunter Tillis Suffers From PTSD After 2016 Police Shooting

Hunter Tillis was shot in the face and lived to tell about it after a notorious Officer Involved Shooting nearly three years ago. According to court testimony this morning, PTSD from that incident prompted in part most recent felony charges. Tillis appeared in Recorder’s Court facing more than a dozen fresh charges after police said he kept them at bay for about 45 minutes at his Midtown home Thursday.

Police were tipped off Tillis had a gun and posed a threat to the people inside the residence including his own children.  When police entered they found a firearm in a bedroom dresser and he  surrendered peacefully.

His girlfriend told police that Tillis wouldn’t come out because he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and frequently threatens to kill himself after a 2016 police shooting. Tillis was a passenger in a reported stolen car Christian Redwine was driving that November prompting a high speed chase that ended in Phenix City with a Columbus police officer unloading 21 shots into the vehicle killing the driver. Tillis and another passenger were shot during the incident but survived.

Patrol officers responding to last night’s scene on Chalfonte Drive were told Tillis is now prone to violent outbursts and afraid of being assaulted by police. Tillis was first traumatized according to court testimony when he watched his mother die in a car crash at the age of ten. Family members told police he has shunned seeking psychological help dealing with the trauma.


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