Time to Apply for CVCC Spring Scholarships

The Chattahoochee Valley Community College Foundation (CVCC Foundation) is a non-profit organization..The Foundation plays a vital role in securing private and public donations to support CVCC, and scholarships to meet the needs of  their students. The Foundation is made up of board members representing business and community leaders in our area.

The Foundation has a variety of scholarships. Some are need based and others are based on meeting certain criteria. It’s amazing the difference a little financial assistance can make in a student’s life. The scholarships fall into several categories.The general Foundation scholarship is available to students in any degree program. There are also scholarships based on specific programs like Applied Technology with welding and industrial maintenance or Public Safety programs like Fire Science and Emergency Medical Services.There are even scholarships for high school dual enrollment students.

It is always best for the student to complete the FAFSA online, which is a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It helps to identify need. That application can take a couple of days to get back, so you want to go ahead and get that done. Some of the scholarships, such as the Career Pathways does not require the FASFA. Some scholarships have a GPA requirement or GED score requirement. It is also required that you fill out an application with them for admission. All the details for scholarship requirements can be found on their website at http://cv.edu/foundation-scholarship/. The deadline is October 18.

There are a variety of ways to donate to these scholarships. They have a big Hall of Fame fundraiser every year in March, but anyone can give at any time. They can go to the website, and there are multiple options on how to give.

Also, another way to give is to participate in Track or Treat. 5-k race Saturday Oct. 26 for the Chris Patterson Emergency Fund.

Patterson was a highly respected student advisor at CVCC who died in 2009.

His parents do this to keep his memory alive.

There is also still time to sign up for classes!

Term II or mini-term is designed for students to complete coursework in a shorter period of time, eight weeks. These shorter, more intense sessions are ideal for students for a variety of reasons. Whether a student needs to take a prerequisite for a course needed in an upcoming semester, or wants to take a course for advancement closer to degree completion, there is enough variety available to meet their needs. Classes include Criminal Justice, English Composition, Business Management, Fire Science and United States History, just to name a few. For a full listing of courses available, you can visit their website at http://www.CV.edu. For students’ convenience, they have both online and traditional courses available.

They have Term II classes starting on Monday, October 14. They are registering both current and new students for Term II until the first day of class.


Courtesy: CVCC


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