12 Year Old Killed Over Bicycle

John Jones Shot In Phenix City Friday


This report has been updated from an earlier version to include the 12 year old victim allegedly did not want to part with his bicycle at the home of the shooter instead of retrieve his bicycle.

A homicide investigation is underway after a 12 year old Phenix City boy was critically injured Friday.

The Phenix City Police Department reclassified this incident as a homicide investigation after the 12 year old Russell County Middle Schooler died early Sunday morning at an Atlanta area hospital.

The incident unfolded late Friday afternoon when John Jones allegedly didn’t want to part with his bicycle at the home of the preteen shooter who lives in the same Phenix City neighborhood.

The 12 year old who was born on Christmas Day was shot in the back of the head.

The ensuing chaos that erupted was captured in this cell phone video showing family members of the victim rushing to the scene in shock. The young victim never regained consciousness and died early Sunday.

The shooter allegedly took the firearm used to kill the boy without the parents knowledge and was in possession of the gun for some time. The Phenix City Police Department will ultimately determine what allegations are appropriate in this case. Potential allegations range from Manslaughter to Murder and final determination would be up to a Juvenile Judge in Russell County.

According to Alabama law, anybody under the age of 14 suspected of murder is considered a Juvenile offender. If the allegations are proven in juvenile court the shooter would be declared delinquent and at the maximum could be detained until he is 18 years old.

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