Police: What Crime Increase?

Witness to Circle K Murder Comes Forward On Facebook

Have things gotten so bad you can’t stop for gas here in Columbus? Police tell First News they don’t think so in fact they’re not even sure the recent crime spree fits a particular pattern.

“Well, I don’t know that we can say we’re seeing that I mean when you look at the statistics and we look at the numbers, there is not a whole lot of difference from last year so far to this year I don’t think,” Assistant Chief Gil Slouchick told First News.

Police did concede investigators are frustrated after nearly half a dozen shootings and three murders in one week and few willing to cooperate. “And it’s difficult when you don’t get cooperation from the victim. You know when you don’t know where you were, when you were or how you were and all of the sudden you end up with a bullet in your leg or in your behind and you don’t want to talk to us about it. Then we have incidents where we have crimes and we know there are witnesses. We know there are people who saw it. We know there are people who know about it and nobody wants to tell us about it,” Chief Slouchick said.

Like the witness who allegedly watched as a cold blooded killer shot an army veteran working the overnight shift at the Circle K on Forrest Road. The witness took his narrative to Facebook but did not cooperate fully with investigators.

“We ask for anybody that knows anything to man up or woman up and come forward and tell these investigators what you saw and what you know,” he said.  The reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect responsible for the Circle K murder increased again this week.  Police are now offering $11,000 for information leading to that suspect.

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