Scholar Athlete of the Week: Harris County’s Nick Richey


A 4.2 GPA and a 28 on the ACT doesn’t just happen by accident. Harris County Senior Nick Richey credits his parents for his discipline in the classroom.

“My parents instilled it in me the most when I was little,” says Harris County Senior Offensive Guard and Defensive Tackle, Nick Richey. “You have to make time for school first, then football. If you got the talents and the work ethic it will come easy to you”

It’s been time will spent for Nick, he’s about to set a family milestone.

“My mom, she’s been talking to me since I was a little kid about how I’m going to be the first in the generation to go get an education after high school and do that for the family,” said Richey. 

When Nick gets to college he’d like to study Biology and Pre-Med.

He also gives back to his community, Nick is a part of the Chick-Fil-A leadership club and helps elementary kids study Science.

As an offensive lineman, he also gives back on the football field.

“You just got to take pride in the success of others,” says Richey. “I just enjoy seeing them go crazy on the field and celebrating and I know I did something to help that”

Nick also takes pride in being a leader on his team.

“You got to set the tone everyday. When you come to practice, you have to be the hardest one working so they know what it looks like when you’re doing what you re supposed to do. Then on Fridays you got to execute,” says Richey.

Rather it’s in the classroom or on the field, Nick is living out the motto, run hard when it’s hard to run.

“You’re not going to get up and go to school every day and push yourself in the classroom,” says Richey. “You’re not going to want to go to practice, you’re not going to want to go the weight room everyday, but that’s when it counts the most is when you’re not feeling it. You’re getting something out of it regardless of what you’re telling yourself up here, you’re doing it anyway”

Congratulations Nick Richey WLTZ’s Scholar Athlete of the Week.

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