First Day of Fall?


Today may be the first day of fall, with the nights becoming longer than the days, but Mother Nature sure isn’t aware of that. Under sunny skies today, temperatures will soar from upper 50s and lower 60s into the 90-95 degree range. The saving grace from oppressive heat is that humidity values will remain low.

The viewing area is becoming increasingly gripped in drought conditions, and the only chance of breaking the trend over the next 10 or so days comes tomorrow. A front will stall and wash out over the area, but the boundary it leaves behind will set the stage for widely scattered showers and thunderstorms. The chances of any one locale seeing rainfall is only around one in five, with temperatures in the lower 90s.

Even hotter weather is in store for the end of the week as high pressure tightens its grip on the Southeast. High temperatures in the mid to upper 90s are possible, threatening record highs.

Long-range models show no break in sight from the abnormally hot and dry weather for the next two weeks or so.

-Meteorologist Dana Barker

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