Teen’s “One Bad Decision” Led To Death Of Popular Coach

William Cross Sentenced To 25 Years For Fatal Crash

An attorney asking for leniency for William Cross told the court Monday the teen’s “one bad decision” in life led to the death of a popular high school coach.

In emotional victim impact statements the family of Carver Coach David Pollard came face to face with  Cross, the young man that caused the crash that claimed the coach’s life three years ago.

Pollard’s dad Terry Render said the fatal crash nearly took the whole family down recounting how he had a heart attack shortly after the collision. “We’re all mourning and missing David tremendously,” Render told First News after the sentencing.

Cross was 19 when he stole a car, refused to stop for police and blew threw an intersection on Buena Vista road traveling near 70 mph when he crashed into Pollard according to court testimony. His horrified family was on the scene that day just as they were this day to remember a father, a teacher and leader in the community. “He’s the type of person that David dealt with on a daily basis. He was the type of person that David would try to steer in the right direction,” Coach Pollard’s dad said.

“David ended up being not just a great father and a great husband but he had an incredible impact on this community. As you heard from Coach Hundley, just over the last 10 years David had probably impacted 1000 young men in this community. So if there’s a great man in this community, David Pollard was him,” the Senior Assistant District Attorney Wesley Lambertus told First News

In barely audible statements to the family, cross apologized and took responsibility for the fatal crash.  His attorney asked the Judge for mercy saying Cross  has always expressed remorse for the loss of Pollard.

“He’s a good kid. He’s a good kid. um, he wasn’t perfect you know but he made a series of decision I would say you know in a 19 year old mind you know they don’t break down nicely and neatly into 1,2,3,4 decisions. In a 19 year old mind, you make a decision and everything comes so fast,” defense attorney William Kendrick said after the sentencing.

Superior Court Judge Art Smith declined to grant First Offender status telling William Cross, actions have consequences. Judge Smith imposed a 15 year sentence for the lesser Homicide by Vehicle and 10 years for theft by taking to be served consecutively.

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