Former Police SGT Charged With Murder Wants Bond

Attorney Wants William Talley Transferred To Mental Facility

A former police officer charged with murder is asking the court for bond.

William Talley was shuttled out of solitary confinement in the Muscogee County Jail for the first time in four months to appear at a bond hearing in Superior Court.

The former police sergeant remains on suicide watch since being charged with the murder of his love interest Kelly Levinsohn.  Levinsohn, an Advanced EMT in Columbus was shot dead inside her Pratt Avenue home this past May.

Talley’s attorney told Chief Judge Gil Mcbride his mental health is deteriorating and the Muscogee County Jail is not equipped to handle the long term care of an inmate like Talley.

“There are individuals that are charged with murder that are out on OR bonds. (own recognizance) Now I’m not asking that my client Mr. Talley be out walking around at the Circle K like those other individuals are I’m asking that he be transferred to a mental health facility rather that being kept in isolation,” Curry told First News after the bond hearing.

Curry said solitary confinement can create more psychological challenges and then questions about his competency to stand trial could come into play.  Talley’s mental health is just one issue to consider she told the court.

“He is former Law Enforcement, 17 years with the Columbus Police Department so he cannot be put in general population so the jail, it’s not that they’re ill equipped to handle him , he is just very unique,” Curry said.

Judge McBride told the attorney’s he wanted to hear from the Muscogee County Sheriff and a representative from West Central Georgia Hospital before issuing a ruling on the motion for bond.


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