Wake for Warriors Comes to Lake Harding

They are heroes in every sense of the word. Military men and women putting their lives on the line to ensure our freedom. Unfortunately, there are those who are injured in the line of duty, emotionally and physically, but they still have an unbreakable spirit.

This weekend, Wake for Warriors is hosting these brave men and women for 3 days of worry-free water sports on Lake Harding. Founded by Dave Deep, this amazing organization’s mission is to connect with injured military veterans through a passion for water sports and helping heal the wounds of war and scars both physical and emotional.

(JAMES SIDES) I did 5 deployments… 3 to Iraq and 2 to Afghanistan. My 5th deployment, the 2nd to Afghanistan, was when I was injured from an IED blast. It was booby-trapped. I was a tech working on an IED when it detonated. Drew started this as most other non-profits start. Just a bunch of guys having fun. He realized this was something beneficial for veterans recovering from injuries. It’s recovery through sports. Just getting out and having fun and not thinking about what’s going on every day.

(STEFAN LEROY) I’ve been part of the organization about 4 years now. I was really kind of stressed out about the whole thing because I hadn’t seen any double leg amputees sitting on a surfboard surfing. Dave the founder said, “Oh, no. We got this. We can adapt it for you.” So, I came there and it was perfect and I learned to surf.

They’ll be at Lake Harding through Sunday, but if you would like more information about other upcoming events, to make a donation, or you may be a wounded veteran looking to connect, click here.

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