Veteran’s Accused Killer Wants Bond Reduction

Darius Travick Charged With Murder of John Dawson

The suspect accused of killing a Three War Veteran in his own home wants the court to reduce his bond.

Darius Travick barged into John Dawson’s home last September after a assaulting a neighbor in a rage beating his 90 year old wife before stabbing the 92 year old Dawson to death in broad daylight.

“They were together 75 years. They were married 73 years. Two kids, three wars, 26 grands and great grands to get murdered in his home that he protected and he loved,” his granddaughter Jennifer Layne Osbon told First News.

Nearly two dozen people from the victim’s family and the defendant’s family appeared in Superior Court where Travick’s attorney asked Judge Gottfried to cut the accused killer’s nearly half a million dollar bond in half.

According to court testimony part one of a two part psychological evaluation showed Travick is competent to stand trial but his family wants him out on bond until such time suggesting he could seek private mental health treatment.

“My personal opinion is if he needed treatment they should’ve seeked it before he killed my grandfather and tortured my grandmother and Mr. Redman,” Obson said outside the courtroom.

Travick is entitled to a bond because he was not indicted after 90 days of being charged. The prosecutor is still waiting for evidence from the GBI crime lab to proceed.

The Judge denied the motion for a bond reduction citing the nature of the crime and the suspect’s mental health history but it’s only a temporary victory for the victim’s family as they are scheduled to be back in court early next month for another hearing.

” I want justice for my Grandfather. I want justice for my Grandmother. I want justice for Mr. Redman,” Osbon told First News.

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