A Hot TGIF! Tropical Storm Coming?


We’ve been dominated by high pressure the last few days and we have felt its power in the very hot air and dry conditions. Hang in there one more day… changes arrive for the weekend.

Although still warmer than normal, cooler daytime highs are expected starting Saturday and should stay several degrees lower than what we’ve endured over the last week. Next week could see a return to more seasonal daily highs. Rain chances also return to the forecast as we continue to monitor the potential tropical cyclone brewing near the Bahamas.

Development into a tropical storm looks likely by Saturday and Humberto will be born. The latest projected path has him making landfall along the central east Florida coast sometime Saturday, then sliding northwest up the coast before taking a northeast turn back out into the Atlantic late Sunday. Extreme southeastern portions of our viewing area (eastern Sumter county) are just inside the cone of uncertainty, but Humberto looks to stay well east of us as of this writing. This could change, so stay tuned.

We could feel some gusty winds, but the main impact will be the rainfall. Up to 1″ is possible from Saturday into late Wednesday. This, too, can change.


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-Meteorologist Miller Robson

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