A Call To Action In Columbus

Faith Community Responds To Recent Violent Crime

People of Faith in the Chattahoochee Valley are issuing a Call to Action in Columbus in response to  recent violent crimes.

Sometimes people just need love. They need to know that people care. A lot of people, a lot of time these crimes happen because they feel hopeless,” the Founder of Block Huggers told First News.

Elias Klaif and his Block Huggers make it their mission to meet the people on their own terms and in times of crisis.

“A lot of times we look at people as projects and we don’t see people as human beings made in the image of God and so just spending time with people. You know there’s a couple of liquor stores around here I just sit there and talk to people bring ’em hope, show ’em about how to get a job what does it look like to fill out an application, get people bus fares or you know take them to their appointments,” Klaif said.

Oscar Daise is the lead pastor at Grant Chapel directly across the street from one of the most horrific crime scenes in recent memory where a mom and her three small children were killed.

The pastor hosted an all star crowd this past week including the Police Chief, Sheriff , Mayor and City Manager, partners in the fight against crime.

“The Community has to be more involved. The Church has to be more involved. People have to be more involved in what’s happening in our area and in our community in order for us to grow as a people. We can’t sit on the sidelines. We can’t just say you do it. We have to get our own efforts to the forefront and step in,” Reverend Daise told First News after the forum.

“You know teaching the kids um a good education is great. College is great but ultimately  it’s like having a purpose and having meaning I thing a lot of people don’t know their purpose in life, don’t know their meaning and so we do have tese crimes in the community because people don’t know who they are. They don’t know their identity that their identity first should be in God,” Klaif added.

The Block Huggers made their way around the city Saturday to some of the most difficult crime scenes in Columbus from the Wilson Homes to the Elizabeth Canty Apartments offering resources and prayer for those affected and those incarcerated accused of committing the crimes.

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