Teacher’s Aide Busted For Tampering With Evidence

Cindy Phillips Charged In Connection To Murder of "FNG Bart"

A Harris County teacher’s aide busted for tampering with evidence after the murder of a rising rap artist is part of a mother daughter duo now charged in connection to the case.

A police investigator told a Recorder’s Court Judge Thursday it was Anna Stecenko who helped arrange  Jaylin Williams date with death last month. Williams was a local rap artist also known by the name “FNG Bart”.  Stecenko was allegedly ordered to lure her friend outside the Wallace Drive residence for a robbery by three other men.

 A homicide detective testified Stecenko was with Jaylin Williams for several minutes prior to his murder and dropped him off at the home on Wallace Drive.

Minutes later Williams was gunned down by three men almost immediately upon exiting the residence.

The shooting was caught on surveillance video.

Stecenko, Gerald Reed and Christian Patrick are all charged with Murder. Detectives testified Stecenko and Reed returned to the neighborhood and crime scene to retrieve the weapon and then turned to Stecenko’s mom for help disposing the weapon.

Cindy Phillips was taken into custody at Mountain Hill Elementary school where she works and charged with two counts of Tampering with Evidence.

Her daughter denied taking part in the plot to kill her friend Jaylin Williams.

Phillips bailed out of the Harris County Jail Thursday.  Stecenko remains in the Muscogee County Jail without bond with her two co-defendants for the charge of Murder.


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