Rapper’s Friends Charged With His Murder

Jaylin Williams Known As "FNG Bart" Shot Multiple Times In Robbery

Police tell First News a local rapper’s own friends are in custody for his murder.  All three suspects charged with murder were so well acquainted a detective testified Jaylin Williams was easily coaxed outside the Wallace Drive residence where he was shot to death.

Gerald Reed, Christian Patrick and Anna Stecenko played a part in prompting the victim to leave his home the night of August 1st.  Williams was gunned down as he tried to make his way back in the door. He was pronounced dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Who pulled the trigger? Investigators haven’t said specifically but surveillance video from the neighborhood shows more than one gunman.

All three suspects are charged with the crime of murder because they were a “party to the crime” under Georgia law.

Patrick hired high profile criminal defense attorney Stacey Jackson who declined to comment just how close his client was to the rising rap artist.

“Well, there are facts I’m still gathering but I don’t want to touch on that too much until I have everything at play,” Jackson said outside Recorder’s Court where Christian Patrick made his first appearance.

Homicide Detectives tell First News a 4th Suspect is still wanted that was allegedly on the scene and captured on surveillance but stopped short of identifying him by name.

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