Game of the Week: Hoover Vs. Central


After winning a state championship last year, expectations are high on the Central Red Devils, they’ve gone from being the hunter to the hunted.

“We’re the hunted now, we’ve got the target on our back and we’re ready for it,” said Central Senior Quarterback, Tucker Melton.

After months of preparation the Red Devils are ready to see another teams jersey on the other side of the field.

“Tired of preseason camp, going against each other. Been going against each other since spring. I think the guys are excited to have the opportunity to go hit somebody else.” said Central Head Coach, Jamey Dubose. 

“There’s a lot of hype,” says Central Senior Wide Receiver, EJ Williams. “We’re getting really tired of banging up on each other, we’re ready to bang up on somebody else.”

That somebody else this week is the Hoover Buccaneers, who have won five of the last seven Alabama 7a state championships.

“They’re a well coached team. Defensively they’re going force you to put the ball in the air, get it on the perimeter at times. They’re going to stop the run by loading the box up,” says Dubose. “Offensively they’ve got a quarterback that can really run. He’s one of the top rated players in the country.”

As much attention as this game is getting, Central is treating it like any other week.

“Coach Dubose makes sure we keep the same energy for every team, so every team is the same to us. We just want to play hard,” said Central Senior Linebacker, PJ Ramsey.

“You don’t get caught up in the hype of who it is You don t get caught up in the hype of the numbers,” says Dubose. “You just go play and be yourself.”

“People are trying to blow it up and make it a big game, but to us it’s just another game we re trying to prepare like it’s any other game,” said Melton.

While it’s only a week one non-region matchup, there’s a chance we see this game again in early December.

“A lot of people thought it was going to be us and Hoover last year in the state championship game,” says Dubose. “We’re just a little late getting to that game. A lot of people say no matter what happens in this game, it could happen at the end of the year and it could.”

As for the game this Friday, bragging rights as the state’s top team is on the line.

“It’s definitely going to prove that we are number one,” says Williams. “We’re number one, but everybody really thinks that Hoover is number one because they’ve been the powerhouse of Alabama.

Kickoff is set for 8pm eastern time at the Cramton Bowl in Montgomery, Alabama.

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