Trucker Testifies He Wasn’t Negligent After Killing 5

Schnitzer Truck Driver Kenneth Cathey Claims Dog Was The Culprit

The Schnitzer trucker behind the wheel during a fatal collision in East Alabama that killed five members of a single family told an attorney for the family he “guesses” Carrie Jones and her four passengers were innocent victims.

A Muscogee County jury heard the stunning testimony via videotape in the civil trial against the local trucking company and it’s driver on behalf of the mother of Carrie Jones, Judy Madere who was also killed in the crash.

In a videotaped deposition the driver of the Schnitzer Truck who crossed the center line on Highway 80 and directly into the path of Carrie Jones and her four passengers told an attorney for the family he didn’t believe he was negligent and appeared unwilling to accept responsibility for the fatal crash.

An attorney for the family asked the driver, Kenneth Cathey if he agreed that Carrie Jones was an innocent victim. “I guess she was, yes,” Cathey said under oath.

The truck driver said that a dog walking out onto the highway caused him to swerve wildly into oncoming traffic.

“The dog came out of the ditch right there in front of me. I mean when I first saw it I went to the right, and then I went back to the left to keep from going off the road and then I started fightin’ back to the right then that’s when I felt the truck start to lay over,” the truck driver said.

But a crash reconstruction expert took the stand and said the truck driver’s version doesn’t square with the evidence and showed the jury a graphic video of exactly what occurred during impact.  The expert said the truck should have never been on the road because the brakes were shot and didn’t meet the minimum requirement.

The witness estimated the truck driver was speeding near 70 miles an hour at the point of impact catapulting Carrie Jones vehicle 250 feet backwards.  There was nothing left of the front end and the passengers would have had at least three seconds to see exactly what was coming.

In the videotaped deposition the attorney asks the truck driver if he thinks a dog in the roadway is a valid excuse for causing the wreck that took the lives of 5 people.  “No,” the truck driver responded.

The crash expert said the evidence doesn’t support the truck driver’s version of events noting there was no swerving, no braking and no reaction which indicates it was sleep deprivation not a dog that caused the fatal crash.


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