“Three Generations Wiped Off The Face of The Earth”

Civil Trial Begins For East Alabama Crash That Killed Family of 5

Three generations were wiped off the face of the Earth because a local trucking company failed miserably to enforce their own safety and training policies a Muscogee County Jury heard Monday.

Attorneys opened the Civil Trial against Schnitzer Trucking Company asking the jury to consider what the final seconds would have been like as a passenger in the vehicle that was struck head on by the large truck July 18th, 2016.

According to court testimony Carrie Jones, her two small children , Trinity and Jaxson, her mother Judy Madere and her mom’s twin sister Trudy Hebert were heading back to Louisiana on Highway 80 when Kenneth Cathey crossed the center line and plowed directly into the family.

Evidence shows Jones tried to avoid the truck before impact.

The truck driver initially told investigators he was swerving to avoid a dog and that he had no idea he just killed five people, no recollection of destroying the Nissan SUV on the road that morning.

The crash investigation has since revealed the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel.

During opening statements attorney Brandon Peak said the trucking company is liable because they didn’t follow their own policies and the driver was involved in another serious collision just a few years before in Auburn.

The company did nothing in response, one of three accidents the same driver was involved in prior to the fatal crash in front of the East Alabama Motorspeedway

Driver fatigue was the issue in this incident lawyers for Judy Madere said noting Ken Cathey had at best four hours of sleep before getting behind the wheel the morning of this incident.

The trucking company denied responsibility or liability for nearly two years.

A lawyer for the trucking company said they were just trying to understand what happened in the crash.

Evidence from the vehicle he said suggests there was no time for the passengers to react asking the jury if they thought it was possible to see something in less than a second.


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