One More Warm Day; Strong Storms Possible


One more day of very hot conditions are in store for your hump day before a cold front moves through and brings our heat values back down to manageable levels.

Highs today will be in the middle 90s, with heat index readings still hovering around the 105 degree mark during peak heating. Caution needs to be exercised if doing any strenuous outdoor activities.

The cold front will bring some storms as well, some possibly on the strong side. Damaging winds in isolated areas will be the primary threat; hail is a small secondary risk, and the tornado risk is pretty much nil as winds aloft are not supportive of rotating storms.

The front should clear the viewing area tomorrow, bringing lower rain chances (perhaps a rain-free Friday) and cooler temperatures, back down to where they should be this time of year with highs topping out in the 90-94 range. Lows will be around 70 Friday and Saturday mornings, with a couple of upper 60s possible in some of the cooler more rural locales.

Rain chances increase again Sunday into the first part of the week as humid air invades the area again from the Gulf of Mexico.

-Meteorologist Dana Barker

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