Central Class President Had A “Spirit of Joy”

Chris Rogers Died After Collision With Phenix City School Bus

The Central Class President who died tragically Tuesday is being fondly remembered on school campus today.

The students at Central High School are in a state of shock according to the Senior Class Vice President Jamorrey Gosha after the death of Chris Rogers.

We’re all still in kind of a state of disbelief but one thing that I like that I saw today as the Vice President of our class is that we stayed together. We were unified and I believe if Chris was here he would want that same energy for us to be unified and for us to hold each other up during this time of bereavement and grief,” Gosha said.

His classmate tells First News Rogers was an academic superstar who excelled at everything he did and that his intelligence was second only to his compassion and caring for others.

“He was very gleeful. He had a spirit of joy and that’s one thing that I liked about him if you were ever down Chris came and he tried his best to cheer you up and try to lift you up,” the class Vice President said.

The 17 year old Class President who died from a severe head injury after colliding with a Phenix City school bus is in fact still making an impact having decided at a young age to donate his organs. There isĀ  also a fundraising campaign underway to help his family.

Rogers friend and fellow student council member, a 17 year old Minister now has a full time job
consoling his grieving classmates.

“A lot of people tell me Jamorrey, how is this supposed to happen when my friend is passed and I have to see my other friends mourn the loss of our Class President? But you know Isaiah 55:8 tells us that his thoughts are not our thoughts and his ways are not our ways so although I may not agree with the situation and I may not agree with God, I still have to trust him,” Gosha said.

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