1st SFAB Is Not Your Father’s Army

Advisor Forge is Simulated Complex Environment For Training

This is not your father’s Army.

The 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade was built from scratch two years ago and is now comprised of 800 Soldiers, the Army’s “A Team”. They are the best and brightest now training for back up and beyond combat readiness.

“I would personally use those words. Obviously it’s not the official bumper sticker but yeah, I’m very proud of these kids. You know we have a special recruiting process where we identify folks who have done their job in their career fields exceptionally well and then we actively recruit them so we are pulling in I think the best of the best,” General Scott Jackson told First News.

Advisor Forge is a close replica of the environment soldiers encounter around the world that includes role play using foreign language. In the blazing hot temperatures, 1st SFAB is fine tuning their mission here to support, advise and protect others through diplomacy and cultural awareness.

“You know we build these environments to give our teams a realistic mission, stress ’em out a little bit, see how they respond and where their weaknesses are at and then we go back and we retrain it some more so that we’re ready to go when the Nation calls,” the Commander said.

The lessons in battlefield diplomacy have come with a high cost for the unit.

The Brigade’s Command Sergeant Major Timothy Bolyard and Corporal Joseph Maciel were both killed in action, insider attacks during their first deployment to Afghanistan last year.

“Well we still feel the loss of CPL Maciel and SGM Bolyard every day. Every where we go we see reminders of them. We think about our missions in Afghanistan, we think about them and so we haven’t forgot them and we never will and not only out of respect for them but out of relevance to our mission that we can never forget what happened so that we prevent it from happening again. We took a deliberate break. We thought about it. We figured out what went wrong and what we need to correct. We addressed it with our partners and we then developed in conjunction with them a deliberate way ahead on how to avoid that in the future. We didn’t say we’re done. We said Hey how do we get back to work and how to we get back to work together,” General Jackson said.

Advisor Forge is part of the Brigade’s training for their next potential deployment. The unit could receive orders to deploy as early as the end of this year.


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