Killer Taunts Victim’s Family On Facebook

Demetrius Dorsey Convicted For Murder of Mariah Farrow

A convicted killer taunts friends and family of his victim on social media after being sentenced for the crime of murder.

Mariah Farrow’s family thought they might move toward the healing process after last week’s sentencing of Demetrius Dorsey, instead their daughter’s cold blooded killer turned to social media to taunt them.

Less than 24 hours after being sentenced to life in prison for murdering Farrow, Dorsey turned to social media in an effort to shame the victim and identify key witnesses who failed to show up and testify in the Capital murder case against him.

Using the name “Madmax Dorsey” the convicted killer , who has never expressed remorse posted a police narrative taken directly from the case file .  It’s a first hand account from one of the three witnesses who refused to cooperate giving an unflattering narrative of the honor student who was gunned down .

Law enforcement responded immediately when they got wind of the posts with a search of Dorsey’s person and his jail cell.

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor told First News he’s certain Dorsey simply passed the sensitive case information  along with his password to a willing participant who posted on the killer’s behalf.

The outrageous posts attempting to portray Dorsey in a sympathetic light have been liked and shared multiple times.

Friends and family of Mariah Farrow were quick to respond, the vast majority we can’t publish because of profanity but their sentiments were universal. Demetrius Dorsey can rot in jail and a reminder he narrowly escaped the death penalty because those witnesses now publicly named on social media failed to cooperate.

Dorsey’s Facebook page has been reported by multiple users for ‘mocking victims’  a type of behavior that goes against the social media giant’s  “community standards.”

Still 48 hours after being reported, the killers page remains active.

Dorsey’s court appointed defense attorney Jeremy Armstrong did not respond to a call for comment about his client’s alleged social media posts.


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