Killer Spared Death After Plea Deal

Demetrius Dorsey Charged With Captial Murder of Mariah Farrow

It was the day of reckoning for convicted killer Demetrius Dorsey who has never expressed remorse nearly four years after he made good on a promise to murder Mariah Farrow.

The 19 year old stunner, Farrow was a Carver graduate, an honor student enrolled at Columbus State University who dreamed of becoming a lawyer until her life was cut short at a Phenix City intersection where she was gunned down in September of 2015.

¬†Flashing photos in court of her daughter shortly after she died, Farrow’s mom railed on Dorsey recounting how their lives were destroyed,¬† “I hope they beat you, rape you and torture you,” she said.

“It was a sense of relief off my chest yes, to be able to finally look him in his face and tell him that he was a coward and a punk by pulling the trigger and taking my daughter’s life,” Kimberly Gilliam said after the sentencing hearing.

“This young woman was needlessly murdered by an 18 year old boyfriend and what made this Capital was that she was sitting in a car when she was shot and under Alabama law that’s a Capital offense,” Prosecutor Ken Davis told First News.

Dorsey struck a plea deal and was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole after all three witnesses to the shooting refused to cooperate or testify for the State.

“When you try a Capital Murder case the jury expects extraordinary evidence. They don’t want to be guessing about what happened. We had extraordinary evidence if those three individuals would have cooperated,” Davis said.

“For the witnesses not to come up and I’m telling them if they see me ya’ll some suckers, some punks. Ya’ll could have did this for my daughter. Ya’ll here, she ain’t,” Zachary Farrow said.

“I did not want a plea deal. Her dad did not want a plea deal. We wanted a trial. We wanted the Capital Murder case to stick. An eye for an eye. He took my daughter’s life. His should be taken,” Farrow’s mom said.


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