Daily Dose Of PM Storms

Muggy With Patchy Morning Fog

An area of low pressure over the Gulf of Mexico will combine with a stationary front to our north to help ignite more thunderstorms over the coming days.   While the majority of thunderstorms will develop during the afternoon and evening hours over the next several days, there will be a couple late-night nocturnal storms that may interrupt your sleep.    The slow-moving nature of the storms will lead to isolated flash flooding.   There can even be small hail and strong winds in just about any thunderstorm.

In time, the low pressure in the Gulf of Mexico will dissipate, tropical moisture will be on the wane, and the stationary front to our north will fizzle.   This will all lead to less active thunderstorm weather toward the middle to latter stages of next week.  Nonetheless, typical Summertime humidity is back so watch for some late night and early morning fog.    Stay tuned.


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