Abusive Landlords in Muscogee County

Tenant Rights

Georgia Legal Services says Muscogee County has abusive landlords.

In Your Consumer News,

Georgia Legal Services says there is a serious problem in Muscogee County with certain landlords refusing to make repairs and charging tenants illegal fees to stay on their property.

Without naming any specific property owners, attorney Ashley Clark says the problem is that most landlords understand how the law works while most tenants don’t.

And she says there are urban myths out there. Some tenants believe they can withhold rent and force a landlord to make repairs. But that’s not how the law works. If a tenant withholds rent, he or she is at risk of being evicted.

There are specific rules to follow if you feel your landlord is not upholding the lease by not making repairs.

Georgia Legal Services is holding a free public forum August 15th at 11:30 am at the Columbus Library main branch on Macon Road.

Area law enforcement and other government agencies are also invited to listen and answer questions.



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