Suspect Confesses To Quadruple Homicide

Brandon Jackson Sent Letters of Apology to Family

The suspect accused of repeatedly stabbing his partner and three small children has made multiple confessions to Homicide Detectives and sent letters of confession to family members.

Those stunning details were revealed after the first appearance of Brandon Jackson in Recorder’s Court.

He is charged with four counts of Murder.

Jackson appeared just long enough for his Public Defender to enter a not guilty plea and waive the Preliminary Hearing. A police detective declined to say what specifically set Jackson off the night of the quadruple homicide.

First News has learned the suspect fled to the home of a person he viewed as a mother after the murders and she is the one who made the call to 911 asking police to check on Jerrica Spellman and her three babies.

Family and friends were in court for Brandon Jackson’s brief appearance.

“Oh I was ready. I wanted to see his reaction like how can you just do this? I wanted to look at him in his eyes,” Typre Mathis said.

Outside the court, Jerrica Spellman’s brother revealed he received one of three handwritten letters sent by Brandon Jackson from his jail cell which included a confession and request for forgiveness.

“He said I’m sorry for killing your baby sister, your nieces, and your favorite nephew. He knows that I raised my nephew. My nephew was with us 24/7,” Spellman’s brother James Freeman said.

Spellman’s friends also shot back at social media trolls peddling misguided theories telling First News she was someone you could count on in times of need.

“When I was going through with my family, when my mom started I could go to her house with no problem, no questions asked no matter what time of night so of course I’m fighting to have her back, of course I’m fixing to stand up for her and these kids, ” Shay Goldon said.

Now those closest to the young mother are left with their own question.

“Why? That’s all I’m saying. Why? I need a reason why there’s nothing else you can say but why?”

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