Victims Stabbed Repeatedly In Quadruple Murder

Police Charge Brandon Jackson With 4 Counts of Murder

Patrol Officers responding to a welfare check at the Elizabeth Canty Apartments stumbled on the ghastly scene in South Columbus.

Four victims were stabbed to death including three children ages three, one and an infant baby girl.

Their mother, 29 year old Jerrica Spellman suffered the most trauma with more than a dozen stab wounds.

The killer methodically placed the bodies on a pallet in the floor.

Responding officers to the scene were left with a lasting impression.

“This was a horrendous scene that has had some bearing on the thoughts of the officers, investigators as well as family members that were n the scene,” Police Chief Ricky Boren said during a morning news briefing about the incident.

27 year old Brandon Jackson, the father of the children was picked up by police in East Columbus a short time later in part thanks to the quick public response the police said.

“Everybody came together out there last night and we saw a group of individuals that was there to help the police in solving these crimes . We don’t always enjoy that,” the Chief said.

The Chief described a volatile relationship between Jerrica Spellman and the suspect Brandon Jackson.

Court records reveal Jackson was arrested just last year for Simple Battery, Family Violence.

“There had been an ongoing domestic violence relationship between herself and our suspect,” Chief Boren said.

Police also responded to those alternative theories floating around social media about who really killed the children telling First News they have probable cause, that critical element required to charge Brandon Jackson with four counts of Murder.

The Police Chief could not say if Jackson was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol at the time of the murders.

Jackson is being detained in the Muscogee County Jail without bond and is scheduled to make his first court appearance next week.


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