Jury Weighs Fate of Alleged Gunman Who Shot Autistic Man

Deonn Carter Died 11 Days After Being Shot During Robbery

The fate of the alleged gunman who shot an autistic man for his cell phone during a robbery is now in the hands of the jury.

Tyquez Davis, the alleged trigger man, is the only one of five co defendants to stand trial for the death of Deonn Carter.

Davis and his posse of troublemakers reportedly terrorized the Chattahoochee Valley during a crime spree in August of 2016.

Carter was shot when he went to check the mail at his apartment complex and later died from complications of a blood clot.

Remembered as the number one fan of law enforcement at his funeral, many of those same officers appeared in the gallery for closing arguments. 

Defense attorney Jennifer Curry likened the Trial  to an athletic game with rules.

Curry told the jury the State wasn’t playing fair by introducing evidence of previous incidents that had nothing to do with Deonn Carter’s shooting.

Curry said in her closing there wasn’t a shred of evidence to prove Davis actually pulled the trigger  and that Carter died of a blood clot 11 days later.

The defense attorney suggesting this might be a case of medical malpractice but not malice murder.

But soft spoken prosecutor George Lipscomb fired back he wasn’t there to play games and wanted the jury to stick to the facts.

Tyquez Davis he said taunted the autistic man calling him slurs then laughed and mocked Deonn Carter after the shooting.

That was the definition of depraved heart telling the jury panel Tyquez Davis was just as guilty if Carter had died that night in the apartment parking lot.

The jury continues deliberations Friday.

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