Dispute Over Cow Prompts Deadly Bickerstaff Shooting

Harris County Sheriff Investigating If Shooting Was Justifiable

A dispute over a cow allegedly prompted the deadly shooting of a popular Harris County man.

Homicide investigations in Harris County are rare in fact Sheriff Mike Jolley reports less than 10 homicide investigations in the last ten years.

This one is also quite bizarre.

George “Bick” Bickerstaff was allegedly shot after a dispute over a cow.

“This is not your typical shooting that you see in Columbus like in a bar or a ride by or a burglary gone astray,” Sheriff Jolley told First News.

The sheriff says George Bickerstaff known as “Bick” to friends and his sister were in fact arguing over cows on his property.

“George Bickerstaff and his sister had gotten into a disagreement over some cows out into a garden area,” Sheriff Jolley said.

That’s when Bickerstaff reportedly fired his weapon first at the home on Hamilton Mulberry Grove Road situated next to his sister’s home.

“George Bickerstaff discharged a firearm and subsequently after that his sister’s boyfriend exited a vehicle that she had been in and shot Mr. Bickerstaff in the head,” Jolley said.

The 60 year old Bickerstaff, a descendant of the Bickerstaff Brick empire in Russell County died Sunday morning.

Investigators are working to determine if a crime occurred or if the shooting was justifiable.

The Harris County Sheriff said his office could determine if criminal charges are appropriate in this case or the District Attorney could present the evidence to a Grand Jury and let the people of Harris County decide if a crime occurred.

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