Phenix City Pays $100,000 For Officer Involved Shooting

Cedric Mifflin Shot Multiple Times By Phenix City Police Officer During Chase

Phenix City has settled a Federal lawsuit alleging Excessive Force during a 2017 officer involved shooting.

The Phenix City Police Department has always maintained the Police Officer did nothing improper or outside of protocol.

A Russell County Grand Jury cleared the officer of any criminal wrongdoing six months after the shooting, but last week the city agreed to pay a six figure settlement.

Cedric Mifflin‘s mother was seeking six million dollars in the wrongful death lawsuit after her 27 year old son was shot seven times by a Phenix City Officer in May of 2017.

The city agreed last week to a lump sum payment of a hundred thousand dollars instead.

“We thought that this was a reasonable compromise given the factual circumstances and the law, we felt like this was the best thing. It was in the city’s best interest and I think in the plaintiff’s best interest, ” Phenix City attorney Jim McKoon told First News.

Mifflin appeared on the radar of Phenix City Police for loud music and no seat belt May 7th, 2017. He was not under the influence at the time and had nothing illegal in his vehicle but instead of stopping , he darted through traffic at one point allegedly driving towards the officer who fired the fatal shots.

“We are mystified as to why this young man decided to run from the police. We still don’t know that . You know these people have to react quickly in difficult situations. They don’t get a second chance to react,” McKoon said.

The case was formally dismissed with another critical stipulation, that the dash cam and body cam video of the incident never see the light of day in public.  Attorney McKoon said the request was made by Cedric Mifflin’s mother.

“These are not things that you like to release not because you are trying to hide something but just because of the circumstances of it. Anytime somebody is shot and killed it’s not Law & Order. It’s live. Somebody’s really losing their life that’s a difficult thing to watch and a difficult thing to put up” McKoon said.


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