What Becomes Barry Gets Buried

Occasional Shower And Thunderstorm

The birth of Barry is underway in the northern Gulf of Mexico.   The storm will likely strengthen into a tropical depression Thursday, followed by tropical storm status (Barry) Thursday night or Friday.   It may even reach low end hurricane status before making landfall in the western gulf this weekend; Louisiana being the most likely spot.   Flooding rain and storm surge will be the biggest problem along the path of this storm.   However,  this type of storm track means no direct impacts for our weather.  However, an approaching cool front will stall just to our north later this week.   It’s this front that will aid in the development of more afternoon and nighttime thunderstorms.    Once the front dissipates, the threat to get wet will become minimal once again later this weekend and next week.   This scenario is barring the remnants of Barry from infiltrating from the west, of course.   Stay tuned.

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